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For over 100 years the Kyrgyz undergo permanent social and cultural changes. For the time being, the land Kygrgyzstan was integrated into the russian tsardom and 1919 into the Soviet Union. Under Stalin most of the inhabitants, who until then lived nomadic, where forced to settle down. The Soviets had tried to suppress old kyrgyz traditions and make them to good Soviet citizens, who believe in progress. By making these extraneous efforts and by the altered circumstances, in fact the old traditions disappeared eventually and also changed people's thinking. An artistic perception evolved, which contents where formed mainly by Soviet realism.

When 1991 the Soviet Union fell apart, most of the Kyrgyz people where not at all prepared for another change. The new gained autonomy, leading away from a controlled and ideological shaped life, into a free-market economy and at least basically democratic existence, gave them more freedom but less security.

In the realm of art, the new orientation has just began.

Zwei Häuser


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