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The theme of the exhibition is »Utopia of Space«. The entry deadline is 15th February 2008 (postmark). Shipping parcels from Europe to Kyrgyzstan usually takes approximately four weeks. Please send to:

re: Post for Kyrgyzstan
Kyrgyz National Museum of Fine Arts
Yusup Abdrakhmanov str. 196
720000 Bishkek
Kyrgyz Republik

Due to unexpected numbers of entries, it has become necessary to make pre-selections together with the museum. Please send us an e-mail describing your art resume and a short description or photo of the planned art work. If you maintain a website, it will be sufficient to provide us with the web address of this site.

The exhibition will be opened on 29 March 2008. All parcels or letters, including contents, as installation or object, will be displayed according to the instructions of the artists. Furthermore all works of art will be published on our website including a brief introduction of the artist. All works ill be transported to Berlin by a forwarding agency.

The following measures are being planned:

Furthermore there will be an exhibition of selected works in Berlin. Judges and location will be announced.

What will happen with the pieces of work in Berlin?

Artists who would like to have their pieces of art sent back, please enclose return postage. We are planning to continue this project and to send the works to other cities. We will decide this after a successful exhibition All artists involved will be informed and asked for permission. We also plan to make a catalogue.

We ask all artists to fill in the [ application form ] below and to send it to us via e-mail. As a special service all senders will regularly receive a newsletter. We also ask the participants to fill in and sign the [ declaration of consent ] and enclose it in the parcel or letter.

Please find out about the postal expenses in your country and make sure that the contents of your parcel is well protected to avoid damage during the transport.
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