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Arne Witt. Päckchen für Kirgistan

»reel #1 (Survey and Steam-Punk)«, 1-channal-videoprojection, 2005-2007
»reel #2 (Missing Link)«, 1-channal-videoprojection, 2008

»Survey and Steam-Punk« is a spate of abstract views of history and research of stories behind the official historiography.

In »Missing Links« I am looking in the combination of video still and moving pictures for what the camera is not showing us: the picture between frames, so called »missing links«. This kind of missing links is in a world where they try to be perfect a view of something that brings a feeling of discomfiture. Especially in the world of our media this crack in the matrix is a chance for our own fiction. When we turn down the speed of the picture moving by a camera-drive when they pass a house or a horse race in the TV we exactly starting to see the missing links. There are not so many frames missing, but it is reality and perception with faults.

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