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Marta Przybylska. Päckchen für Kirgistan

»Utopie of Space«, Buchobjekt, einlaminierte Fotos, Texte, verschiedene Materielien, Format A5, 2008

My art piece, which combines the characteristics of an album, diary, and account of my daily routine, is a way of sharing my view of the world with the people of Kyrgyzstan. My intention was to save from oblivion an eclectic collection of irrelevant paper scraps, outdated newspaper articles, leaflets, and brochures, etc. The thematic framework of the selected paintings is purposefully intertwined with other events in order to create multilayered reality which represents a variety of settings, alerts, redundant notes, old letter and photographs. The book, a chronicle of some sort, though in a non chronological order, is an attempt at spontaneity in linking seemingly odd pieces, which when combined become a representation of something beyond the familiar, but still deeply rooted in reality.

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