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Ionut Cioana. Päckchen für Kirgistan

»Plaster molding (Nr. 66)«Mail art / 12 Feb. 2008

As we are speaking, the House of the People in Bucharest - the object that was built to embody the worldview of Romanian Communism is slowly disintegrating. Ornaments are falling off the surrounding walls. The building can withstand a nuclear attack, yet it looks unfinished and in a state of decay.

Once materialized, utopia turns into a sad version of a bad dream. In the 80s, the historical city center was demolished, and then the House of the People was built on its former location. At the time of the Revolution of 1989, only 70% of it was finished. Now it is nearing 90% from completion, as it is still one of the biggest building investments both for Communist and 'Free' Romania.

In theory, to send a fragment of a building from nowhere to nowhere is quite absurd. In practice, it not absurd nor impossible, but quite costly. The 1 kg parcel cost about 100 Euros to mail over to Kyrgyzstan. I intend to have the plaster molding sent back to Romania after the exhibition is over. I will then glue it to its original location, after a round trip from nowhere to nowhere and back.

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