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Aleth Gueguen. Päckchen für Kirgistan Nazira Alymbaeva. Päckchen für Kirgistan

»Being. Seeing. Here and there«, interaktives Projekt zusammen mit Aleth Gueguen, 2008

What more apaling in our era of instant communication, near to instant travelling than utopia considered from the point of vue of an european country? What do we know about Kyrgyzstan? How do we imagine what could be like living in Kyrgyzstan? Be a Kirghiz showing up in one of our european country, how much would he find it different from his home? Living in Bishkek, how one can imagine what it could be like in Europe?

Havind read travelling narations of Sven Heding, Nicolas Bouvier and others in Central Asia, Kyrgyzstan is the exact location of imaginery romantism. And still is, despite of all the flickr accounts in the world. Who knows how those spaces look like?

[ Voyage of "trou pour regarder le monde" ] von Aleth Gueguen

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