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Goran Micevski. Päckchen für Kirgistan

»Travel guides«, color photographs, work in progress

Travel guides comprise of series of urban and nature landscape photographs that artist took on his travels to different parts of the world. Considering the context of the guide that these works connote, selected readings introduced as comments, written directly in each photograph, should familiarize the viewer with the distant sceneries. An institution of the signpost is not being brought together only with the real, recorded travel sights, but it also points to what is written in the essence of the media of photography, to the shortage that requires a certain adjunct, to the signpost for the picture use. Textual comments, however, represent sentences extracted from conversations, book quotations, fragments of memories, and comprise the viewer in some inter-subjective networks, into very production of the meaning, but at the same time, into the register of different institutions and follow-up ideologies. Thus for example, In Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, you will most likely feel dizzy due to the height illness.

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