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Annette Elizabeth Fournet. Päckchen für Kirgistan Annette Elizabeth Fournet. Päckchen für Kirgistan

»Sticks, stones and bones. Images from transient landscapes«, Photographie, 2000

In the current work I am also interested in investigating elements of wabi-sabi in the landscape. The photographer Clarence John Laughlin once stated that he was seeking "... the mystery of the ordinary". The idea of wabi-sabi follows in this vein but is at once more specific and more vague in description. Author of a book on Wabi-sabi, Leonard Koren, defines this Japanese aesthetic as "... a beauty of things imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete." Wabi-sabi is derived in part from elements of Zen and Taoism. The tenets of Wabi-sabi include: intrinsic simplicity, intuition rather than logic, acceptance of the inevitable, the value or beauty of the inconspicuous and overlooked detail, that nature reclaims manmade elements in the end, and that things are either devolving towards, or evolving from, nothingness.

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